KRISTALLAT is a single component white, matt, lime-like, water-based and odorless silicate paint for both outdoor and indoor use with maximum water vapor permeability, replacing 2 component silicate paints, which must be mixed separately at and during use.

KRISTALLAT is used for painting indoor and outdoor on plaster, concrete, serponite, fiber cement (eternite, minerite) or brick. The mineral substrate must be dry, have capillary suction and be well bonded.

Surface previously painted with silicate-, lime- or lime cement paint is well suited for KRISTALLAT.

KRISTALLAT is completely open for diffusion of water vapor or moisture. It is based on pure mineral pigment and water glass. Water glass is the binder in the silicate paint. Water glass does not form any film that organic binders make and is therefore completely open to diffusion.

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100% open for diffusion
Completely free from organic binders
Natural mold inhibiting
One-component paint
Hydrophilicil (water-loving)
Especially matt