LOTUSIL is a modified silicate paint for mineral surfaces that is weatherproof and dirt repellent.

LOTUSIL is a water based matt and odorless paint. Reinforced with a silicon polymer to obtain high water repellency and self cleaning ability. For outdoor as well as indoor use.

LOTUSIL is used for painting on plaster, concrete, serponite, stone, fiber cement (eternite, minerite) or brick. May be used both on new plaster and on previously painted surfaces. Surface previously painted with silicate paint, lime or lime cement paint is well suited for LOTUSIL. It's also recomended when there are residues of old facade paint. Do not use LOTUSIL on old silicone emulsion paint.

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80% open for diffusion
Suitable if old paint remains
Natural mold inhibiting
Strong water and dirt rejection
Suitable for facade exposed to tough weather