A silicate solution for reinforcement of mineral substrates with loose particles prior to painting with ALABASTER silicate paints.

PRIMER is used as reinforcement of porous and loose substrates of plaster, concrete, brick, serponite and fiber cement (eternite, minerite). Both outdoors and indoors. New plaster (after two carbonization) as well as surfaces with lime residues should always be treated with PRIMER prior to painting with ALABASTER silicate paints. PRIMER can also be used for dilution of ALABASTER silicate paint.

PRIMER is suitable for treating facades which are to be remained unpainted, because it causes a chemical and mechanical reinforcement of the facade and it also makes it water repellent.

With PRIMER you can reduce the suction capacity of a highly absorbent mineral substrate.

PRIMER binds dust on concrete floors and make the floor easier to maintain, clean and spot free.

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WATER GLASS with acrylate
Water repellent
Binds loose substrate
Pre-treatment before painting with